SLC member’s conduct questioned

By Вen Li

Questions regarding Students’ Union Events Commissioner Anant Patel’s behavior surfaced again this week as SLC members privately complained about his professional behavior. Patel was observed resting through a presentation by Safewalk coordinators during the Jan. 21 Students’ Legislative Council meeting.

In December, SU Commissioner Shawna Little voiced concerns about Patel’s behavior in council by bringing attention to Patel’s SLC retreat report, which accuses counselors of illegal drug use.

“Despite the informality there was no problems with people speaking out of turn (except Brett) or mumbling to themselves (except Brett) or taking shroomies for the first time (except Brett),” wrote Patel in the public report. “After that we all drank and partied and chilled in the hot tub on the big boat.”

Patel, who previously asserted that his report was accurate, declined repeatedly to comment on or clarify parts of his report where he accuses other SLC members of consuming alcohol and narcotic mushrooms on the houseboating trip. He did, however, explain how he has achieved goals stated in his report.

SU Events Commissioner Brett Pierce denies having consumed alcohol or drugs on the trip.

“I never drink alcohol,” he said. “I didn’t have one drink on the trip.”

The report also mentions former SU Vice-President Academic Rosie Nagra.

“I really don’t know where this report is going to end up so I won’t mention details. However, Rosie [Nagra] had some ‘yogurt’, Brett should take a fungi course.”

Nagra, who is seeking admission into dental schools in the United States, could not be reached for comment this week, but previously declined to comment about the validity of Patel’s claims.

SU Vice-President External Nick Vuckovic would not confirm or deny accusations of drug use on the trip but criticized Patel for writing an unprofessional report.

“I thought it was a joke report,” said Vuckovic. “It was completely inappropriate and not worth my time to waste on it. “

When the report was first discussed in SLC in Dec. 2002, Vuckovic moved to strike discussion of the report from the minutes. The motion failed.

“I thought it was turning into a witch-hunt,” he said. “I didn’t want peoples’ names dragged through the mud for something done in private. To divulge that at SLC was seriously inappropriate as it would hurt the people mentioned in the long run.”

SU President Matt Stambaugh believes the council should focus on other matters.

“Tuition should be the priority,” he said. “I think the accusations have gotten out of hand, it’s a personal issue.”


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