Bad Astronaut, Houston we have a drinking problem

By Josh LaVoie

Four weeks of contemplation and it came down to the selection of my ride home from work last night. Bad Astronaut’s Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem is the best selection to calm me down after an endless day at work and is a perfect selection for album of the year. The band successfully mixes the genres of punk, classical, and indie rock for a surprising and unique sound. Easily the most innovative punk disc I’ve heard this year, the melancholy, energy infused, symphonic tracks are a blessing to those that may have thought the scene had grown stagnant. It’s not always pretty when a band breaks new ground, however, Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem has taken that new soil and created a marvel of genre confluence that all should give a listen to.

2-Sigur Ros, ( ) (Pias)

3-No Use For a Name, Hard Rock Bottom (Fat)