Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz, Laika come home

Those hyperactive Gorillaz cartoons never seemed to chill until this spacey dub re-creation of their debut came out. Laika Come Home is full of creative remixes and surprises that is sure to tranquilize fans into a blissful trip of experimental electronica. Original in every sense, the album cleverly reinvents Gorillaz’s music into a compound of reggae trumpets, pop-synth, jungle, turntablism, and rap–but all in slow motion. In fact, the album is so hypnotic that many call it an “album that can get you stoned.”

Surely, this album is impressive enough on its own that listeners don’t feel obligated to familiarize themselves with Automator beats or the smooth tunes of Blur in order to enjoy the tracks. They can easily stand on their own.

2-DJ Shadow, The Private Press (MoWax)

3-Dragon Fli Empire, Conquest (Indie)    


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