Health and Dental

Why last year’s increase failed was a mystery to many people, but students who depend on the plan for extended benefits have felt the effects this year. With coverage significantly reduced already, without this additional funding it will continue to deteriorate. With that, the Students’ Union is asking students to approve a $7.50 per semester increase to both cover the rising costs and to build surplus for the future.

If you depend on the plan, then vote whatever way you feel will benefit you, but remember that the plan won’t last if fees don’t reflect costs. And if you don’t need the plan, then don’t vote–all you may do is hurt those who genuinely can’t obtain better coverage.

All in all, the SU’s health and dental plan is a good deal for what it is. To keep it that way, fees will have to rise. If not, then start applying for Alberta Blue Cross–considerably more expensive than the proposed $118 per year you’ll be paying if you vote “yes.”


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