Dinos make a comeback

By Warren Jerred

This week, I have a few questions, and a few things I need to clarify on my own behalf. First of all, how is it that when two teams have the same amount of points overall, the team with the better record loses the tie-breaker? Oh well, sucks to be Trinity Western, I guess.

Because the Dinos won 3-1 on Friday night and won two sets in their loss Saturday, they win the tie-breaker over TWU; now they face the Saskatchewan Huskies in the first round of playoffs rather than the almighty Bisons or Bears, as the Spartans will now have to.

This means that even if the Dinos lose against the Huskies, which I predict will not happen, they will probably make it to nationals anyway. Better still, if they do lose in the first round of playoffs, they will get a week’s rest, which cannot be undervalued at this point considering the Dinos have been on the road for what seems like an eternity.

On the volleyball side of things, the Dinos are now rolling, and I am going to put my measly reputation on the line and GUARANTEE that the boys will win on the road at U of S. Why? Well, the Dinos hold the distinction of being the first team to ever win a playoff series on the road, and I know they’ll do it again.

On a personal note, I have been taking some heat from Dinos players that have been “disappointed” in my lack of support for the team. I apologize if it has seemed that I am unsupportive of the players, but keep in mind being 3-11 isn’t exactly a record that commands respect.

In the second half of the season, the team has made it all the way back to fourth place, which is the best they possibly could have done. My hat goes off to the Dinos for this achievement. It is obvious that Denis Zhukov defies the Ewing Theory, and that the team is a force to be reckoned with.

In fact, the team kicks serious ass as of late. I realize now that my words hold some weight with the guys on the squad; Glen Handley, a.k.a. “Handles,” wore his hair like Alfalfa after my last article. Unfortunately, I wonder why it is important that the team has to look for support from a newspaper. Is there not enough support from within–that it is so desperately needed from without? I wonder?

Playoff Previews:

Up next for the boys in red is the Green Puppies of Stubblejumper Land. Like I said, the Dinos will win. From there it will most likely be a clash against Manitoba or Alberta, the “titans” of Canada West volleyball. I asked senior power hitter Andy Holland if a meeting with one of these powerhouses intimidated the Dinos.

“I can only speak for myself, but with regard to the Bears’ and Bisons’ records I’d like to quote one of my favourite rappers, Mos Def: ‘I don’t give a kcuf like the F-word reversed,’ and you can quote me.”

Good luck Dinos, and don’t fear the Huskies, “’cause y’all my dawgs.”


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