VP External: Kari Doig–Qualified

Doig made an impression when she presented her well-researched platform despite the fact she has no SU experience. Dotted with most of the issues a VP External should consider, she has opinions on what is wrong regarding issues like the CHST and parental contributions for student loans. A strength Doig emphasized in the interview was her “connections” in the provincial government such as Finance Minister Pat Black and the secretaries. This could be an asset when lobbying the provincial government, but it is very possible Doig could just coast on those connections and not lobby as hard. It could also mean a lesser emphasis on lobbying the federal government.

Also troublesome was her insistence she would not pull out of CASA, when the current SU is questioning its value. She also plans to resurrect CalFASA, the Calgary Faculty and Student Association. This is odd considering CalFASA has dropped off the face of the lobbying continuum. Overall, Doig is qualified but, like Batiuk, just marginally.


• Connections in provincial government may prove helpful

• Knowledgeable


• Has strange notion that Cal fasa still has any impact

• Lacks confidence

• Reluctant to consider casa’s value to the su