VP External: Lauren Batiuk–Qualified

Batiuk is currently an External Commissioner, but that year of experience doesn’t set her apart from her fellow candidate with no SU experience. However, that’s not to say she’s lacking but just merely qualified. Her platform outlines the problems with the student loan program and CHST program–nothing new there. It also outlines her ideas to lobby administration, the province and the federal government. While not ground breaking, it certainly is more specific than Doig’s ideas for lobbying.

Also included in her lobbying plans is talking to city hall, a level of government ignored by the SU. And even though the municipal government is not directly involved in tuition, it could be an important ally in talking to the province.

Batiuk is willing to examine the SU’s involvement in CASA and CAUS. It’s important since CASA costs $25,000 a year and the benefits are sometimes suspect. This is radically different from Doig who wants to stay in CASA.

Overall, her ideas for CASA and city hall puts her over as qualified, but barely.


• Willing to look at in casa and caus

• Wants to contact aldermen

• Fairly confident and articulate


• Hasn’t gained as much from su experience as she could have

• Lacks charisma


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