Conflict and the media

By Kirstin Morrell

The Faculty of Medicine, the International Centre and the Faculty of Communication and Culture will present the 2003 Dr. Irma Parhad Lecture and Roundtable on March 14-15. Entitled “Media Coverage of Life Threatening Conflicts,” the conference will feature a lecture by Robert Hackett from Simon Fraser University and a Canadian media panel with David Bazay, Tony Burman, Robert Bragg, Marcus Gee and David Swann.

Robert Fisk from The Independent (UK), who was to deliver the keynote lecture, has been forced to cancel. Instead, former Chief United Nations Weapons Inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter will speak in his place.

According to the University Communications Department, Fisk has been unavoidably “retained” in the Middle East.

Ritter’s lecture at the Dining Centre on Fri., Mar. 14 from 8-10 p.m.


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