Making it in the big leagues

By Russ Dyck

Brent Tyler is a big guy twice over in the local music scene. He is well known amongst the local pub regulars, and if the Friendly Giant ever had a kid, it would most likely be Brent Tyler.

Being such a big guy helped him in the past, playing basketball for our own Dinos men’s basketball team for two years.

“I red shirted my first year since I just wanted to see if it was something I wanted to get into. I really enjoyed it, so I trained all through the summer, lost a bunch of weight and sacrificed my music for basketball.”

But all his work was in vain. In a pre-season tournament Tyler tore up his knee and needed surgery. After having his knee reconstructed, he decided to “hang up his sneaks” and concentrate on other things.

After going to school in Mexico for the spring semester, Tyler knew what he was going to do when he returned to Calgary and the local music scene.

“When I played a show at the Double Mo with Josip Vulic (bass), Garth Kennedy (keyboard) and Mike Marshall (drums) in the summer, I was like ‘Ok, its time to get on this,’ so I headed into the studio.”

Recording and selling his debut album Better Way was no easy task, with Tyler being his own agent, promoter, marketing director and manager. Now, Tyler is taking his skills to the West Coast.

“Pretty much this last six months has been a giant stress period and I’m just looking forward to getting settled in Vancouver.”

The move to Vancouver at the start of February has been no easy task. With many shows still booked in Calgary throughout the months of February and March, Tyler must make many a long drive to appease his Calgary following, something he’s more than willing to do.

“The local pub scene is great in Calgary,” he says. “I can go out with my band or solo, and just have a great time playing my original songs. That’s what I want it to be all about.”

Tyler will play next Thursday, March 13 at the Double Mo Cafe in the Stadium Shopping Centre.

Also check him out at March 14, 15 and 16 at Molly Malone’s and St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 at Saint James’ Gate Pub in Banff.

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