Navy woes

By Kirstin Morrell

The Canadian Navy is a world leader in maritime policing, according to Commodore E. J. Lerhe’s talk to the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies on Thu., Mar. 6. In his lecture, Commodore Lerhe highlighted many of the recent accomplishments of the fleet in southwest Asia.

“We are more than fulfilling our obligations,” Commodore Lerhe said.

Commodore Lehre also showed how the reduction in money spent on buying new equipment might lead to a crisis in the near future.

“We’ve found that we need a 20 per cent re-capitalization rate, or we’ll run into problems,” he said.

Though purchased at different times, many of the vehicles currently in use in the three branches of the military are concurrently reaching the end of their useful lifespans.

Another aspect of the Canadian Navy that Lehre was quick to praise was the spirit of the personnel.

“We have an extremely low attrition rate, one that nations around the world envy,” Lehre said.