U of C poet remembered

By Kirstin Morrell

Distinguished University of Calgary alumnus and local writer Carin Perron passed away on March 28, at the age of 45 years.

Best known for her poetry, she was also the creator of the extensive 28,000 page numismatic Celtic Coin Index and of innumerable works of visual art.

“She was a renaissance woman,” stated husband John Hooker.

At the service, held on the night of Fri., Apr. 4, he emphasized Perron’s strength, stoicism, and dignity, as well as her endless talents.

“She always did everything perfectly,” Hooker said. “She accomplished more in one lifetime than most accomplish in two.”

Among her successes, Perron won a prize at the Bournemouth Poetry Competition three years in a row.

What may soon be known as her defining work is her forthcoming novel, documenting her battle with cancer. Her husband has vowed to finish it, as she was busy adding new material right up until the end.

Her service on was filled with family and many friends from diverse backgrounds from the artistic and religious communities of Calgary. From operatic singers to church ministers, Carin Perron touched many lives and the service stretched far into the evening as many waited their turn to relate how the deceased affected their lives.

One story that her husband related epitomized her unquenchable spirit. She submitted her poem, “The Shadow,” to four different publications. Each time it was rejected, she began to question whether she should send it to the Bournemouth Poetry Competition again. When her husband asked her if it was the same judge, she answered “no,” and realized she should try again. That time, her poem won first place.

An educational fund is being set up for daughter Jasmine, and any who were touched by Carrin’s life are asked to contribute.