Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

By Kevin Rothbauer

It’s not all about winning national titles. At least, that’s what the Dinos athletic department is telling itself this year. Championships or not, there have been some memorable moments nonetheless.

Most of the football team’s best(?) moments have come off the field, although making the playoffs and sending three players to the CFL are proud accomplishments. Safety Scott Thompson did his team proud by knocking out a U of A Golden Bear during a tilt with their arch-rivals. Brett Bowron’s new giant teeth were another notable memory.

Matt Houston… just the Most Popular Man on Campus? Or is he also the guy who missed the wide open net? Oh well. He knew they’d win anyway.

Besides having soccer’s Steph Hoogveld record a shutout against the undefeated UBC team, the most memorable moment would be seeing trainer Glenn Vergie get sacked by Hema Chengkalath in warmup.

The field hockey team won a tournament in Holland and didn’t realize it was a beer-drinking tourney. They saw the biggest tray of beer they had ever seen in a bar where they found themselves after every game, and over 4,000L of beer were consumed over two days.

Beating U of S in the final four “’cause no one said we had a chance,” not to mention locking all the snoring rookies in one room, were the high points for men’s volleyball. As for their female counterparts, there was no better way to end the season than having Heather Wearmouth set-up fellow fifth-year Tracy Keats for the final point in their final home game, and Assistant Coach Chad Leier conspire with the rookies to have a pretend girlfriend all year long.

The basketball men witnessed such highlights as when Ian Ferguson caught a long pass to find himself alone in the key: from there he traveled to the basket, missed a dunk and got a technical foul for hanging on the basket–the Fergusaurus Hat Trick. Whitney Hornsberger ended the regular season with a beautiful no-look pass off of teammate John Riad’s face. In the same game, Chris Harris ended his illustrious career with his only three-pointer in five years. The women had a double-OT win against UBC in which Tanya “Tiny T” Hautala hit a big three and Jessica Foltinek stuffed a T-Bird not once but twice, flattening her to the ground. Shari “Junkyard Wrecker” Jonker bumped heads with Tanya “Glass Bones” Cottrell leaving her to be stitched up on the bench.

The men’s hockey team saw defenceman Josh Woitas make the ultimate sacrifice late in an 8-1 victory when he lost his teeth to a puck, resulting in a three-day visit to the dentist. Then there was the redhead… or blonde? Or was she a brunette? Enough said.

Besides punishing people all season long, the most memorable moment for the wrestlers would have been Jeremy Rudack remembering that he still had his teeth in, then pulling them out part-way through a match and throwing them at Wilson Burnett, who then decided to try them on.

For whatever reason–good, bad, or just plain old funny–the Dinos did not disappoint this season.


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