Changing Spaces, Slowly Stumbling Forward

By James Keller

If images of TLC’s interior decorating come to mind with a name like Changing Spaces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The same joy and intrigue I get from watching strange people decorate their neighbours’ houses is matched by Slowly Stumbling Forward.

It would be a mistake to pigeon-hole the first single, “The Slowest Revolution,” as either indie-rock or alt-country (or a combination of both), but it wouldn’t be far off either. The gritty, stripped down guitar, combined with lead singer Gayle Timson’s smooth southern-U.S.-bred vocals, lets the two genres collide, complete with a little bit of Timson’s own personal touch and charm. And while the lyrics scream fish-out-of-water, what with the pseudo-political amongst loud twang, it’s a perfect combination when fused together. Lyrics such as “All I need’s a window/To jump out of this life/Everywhere I turn to/The world just turns to shite,” backed with Bobby Galt’s smooth slide guitar, seem like a natural combination.


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