VP Op-FI:White’s still on the ball

All in all, White has done a proficient job as VP Op-Fi. He paid very good attention to clubs and club issues, and successfully saw Clubs Chair Edward Tse impeached, only to take on the role himself. White also handled budgeting issues very well when they came up. Although presumably, with more responsible budgeting, these types of mid-term issues would be less frequent.

White conducted himself with more maturity than many of his peers, avoiding much (although not all) of inter-office politics and bickering. He solved problems pragmatically and was involved in an appropriate amount of items outside his portfolio (like the Tuition Action Committee, which he helped immensely).

However, there were also problems. CJSW and NUTV are still without space, and CJSW without an operating agreement. His success at dealing with Clubs Committee problems can’t excuse that there were admitted internal Clubs Committee communication problems in the first place (the Tse saga aside). Perhaps most notable is the failure of the health and dental plan referendum, lost by only 30 votes. White might have changed the results by heading a campaign group as the VP Op-Fi has done in previous years.

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