Letter from the editor

By James Keller

It’s really been quite a year for the Students’ Union. And looking back, there’s a healthy mix of triumphs and failures to fill the time between May 1, 2002 and now. The past year saw a controversial houseboating trip, bitter infighting and impeachment proceedings, a tent city and massive protests (at least, by U of… Continue reading Letter from the editor

VP Events: Events stayed the course

Irene Enyedy’s term as VP events was characterised by extremes. Events such as the recent tuition battle and Overflow in September, Cinemania, and her work with residence students were great successes, while things like Blue Banana Lounge, a proposed Dinos week, and Bitter Ball went away virtually unnoticed. As probably the second-most visible SU executive… Continue reading VP Events: Events stayed the course