March and April busy for fuzz

By Adriana Hunstad

In March and April, Campus Security dealt with incidents including trespassers, theft, and alcohol poisoning.

In March, a few transients arrived on campus by LRT. One intoxicated man fell shortly after leaving the C-Train station, resulting in a cut on his forehead. He was provided with first aid and sent to hospital. Another intoxicated man was charged with trespassing after a female staff member complained of being chased out of the Library.

Later that month, an 18-year-old male reported missing was found on campus. He had brain damage, and simply left his home, possibly arriving on campus using the LRT. Campus Security found him early one morning, sleeping in the Library Block. The confused male was accommodating and was later returned home by Calgary Police.

With the end of the year came stress for most students. Stress influenced an individual living in residence to overdose on an over-the-counter medication. The individual was immediately helped by Campus Security, Calgary Police and EMS, and referred to counseling. Also shortly before exams, a female student experienced slight chest pains and collapsed. Officers provided first aid and she was sent to the hospital for additional care.

Bermuda Shorts Day only generated 18 incidents on campus. There was the usual alcohol poisoning, with several students sent home with their parents, and only two victims needing hospitalization. One female student claimed she was sexually assaulted, and was advised to visit the hospital. In a separate incident, a male U of C student had a confrontation with a Mount Royal College adversary who the U of C student believes fired four bullets at his home around 11 p.m. that night.

Shortly before the end of exams, around 8 a.m. on April 28, an unidentified male called Campus Security to “inform” them that a pipe bomb was placed inside the Kinesiology building.

“Campus Security received a call from a person claiming to be a student, and referred to the fact that he was ‘going to fail anyway,’” said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. “The caller claimed he placed a device in or near the examination room. However, a search by Calgary Police, Campus Security and Registrars’ staff found no suspicious packages, and rendered the area safe.”

It was determined that the call’s purpose was to delay or disturb exams which continued as scheduled while security was increased. The call was traced to a public phone in Bowness, and the matter has been turned over to Calgary Police for investigation.

Unknown students celebrated the end of exams by creating a bonfire in the residence area. The fire was formed using wooden pallets from the loading docks. The Calgary Fire Department extinguished the fire, after dealing with a fire alarm in Brewster Hall prior to the incident.

Separately, Fine Arts staff discovered old artillery rounds.

“Staff were doing inventory on materials and equipment. When they checked on one storage area, they came across ninety 105 mm artillery shell heads,” said Fritz.

The graduate student claimed he purchased them at a garage sale in Saskatchewan. The shells were of the type used by the Canadian army around World War II.

“He brought them on campus with the purpose to construct an art exhibit,” said Fritz. “Calgary Police explosive experts attended and hauled away the suspected ammunition. Calgary Police told us the next day that the shells were inert and harmless.”

Police informed Fritz that the army does not sell, give away, or allow people to keep shells as souvenirs. Calgary Police are investigating the origin of the shells. The student was found to have no malicious intent, but only to have used bad judgment, and will not be charged.

Elsewhere on campus, theft continues to be a problem as a Com/Media storage room experienced a break and enter, and two digital projectors were taken. According to Fritz, police are investigating and security has been increased.

Separately, vandals caused $7,000 damage at Lot 13 outside Engineering. Unknown individuals broke the four-foot sign at the entrance of the lot. Campus Security officers chased the suspects and arrested a student who took responsibility for the damage.

“He was forwarded to non- academic misconduct,” said Fritz.

He recently went to court, and will have to pay for a small part of the damage.

Another parking lot incident occurred when a 34-year-old schizophrenic man tried to gain access to a parked vehicle. He was off his medication at the time. The vehicle’s owner spotted him and immediately contacted Campus Security.

“He had no criminal intent, but thought it was his own vehicle,” said Fritz.

Campus Security and Calgary Police decided to simply hand the man over to his mother.

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