Make way for the ducklings

By Adriana Hunstad

Early June was interesting for Campus Security with intruders, thefts and a family of ducks.

Staff members and students were shocked to see what they believed to be an assault in progress in the afternoon. A University of Calgary alumnus walked into a private business in MacEwan Student Centre, and proceeded to make threats using inappropriate language.

"The person was asked to leave, allowing the business owner to follow the disturbed person," Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "At the same time, he instructed his staff to call police and Campus Security. While the businessperson was following the female, she stopped, turned around and produced a knife, and again threatened the business owner. Shortly after that, the male jumped on the female, sitting on her and holding her down until police arrived."

This last part occurred in Science B, and some confusion arose around the incident as calls came pouring into police. The female, in her early 40s, was subsequently charged with a weapons offense and banned from the university.

Campus Security were heroes to a family of ducks. A mother duck decided to take her family for a stroll along the Olympic Oval when all five babies unexpectedly fell through a grate. As the mother frantically tried to figure out a way to save them, Campus Security officers quickly arrived and removed the grate to rescue the ducks.

Numerous thefts occurred around campus, with the biggest incident in Reeve Theatre. A change room was briefly left unattended and unsecured. Around seven purses were stolen, resulting in the loss of numerous personal items including credit cards, cash and small electronics. A total of $2,500 was reported missing, and Calgary Police are currently investigating.

As usual, bike theft continues to be a problem.

"We have off-campus people who target us for high-end bikes," said Fritz.

A group of three suspicious individuals were under surveillance by Campus Security officers, as the individuals walked to different bike racks. When confronted by officers, instruments such as bolt cutters and other break-and-enter instruments were found in their possession. Meanwhile, another individual acted alone as he was caught cutting open a bike lock.

"He was drilling a hole in a U- bolt lock," said Fritz.

Confronted by Campus Security officers, additional investigation revealed he carried university keys that did not belong to him. Calgary Police was also called to deal with him.

On June 9, a staff member in Earth Sciences was surprised to catch a theft in progress.

"Someone entered his office and was about to pack in his laptop. But the owner came out of the office from a back room and confronted the individual," said Fritz.

Unfortunately, the thief already had the power pack in his possession, and quickly took off before the owner realized its theft.

Lastly, on June 23, an act of indecent exposure occurred in the MacKimmie Library Tower.

"At one point, he decided to expose himself to a staff member. He removed his clothing down and tapped the staff member on the shoulder," said Fritz

Turning around, she was shocked to see the exposed man. As she screamed for help, the man quickly escaped through a stairwell. The man is described to be a Caucasian male in his mid-40s, around 170 cm and 73 kg, with thin dark hair, facial acne and a scruffy appearance. At the time of the incident, he was wearing blue jeans and a blue nylon jacket.

Campus Security would like to be contacted for further information at 220-5333.

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