CJSW close

By Natalie Sit

CJSW and the Students’ Union are close to an operating agreement which will see the campus radio station begin renovations on its new office and redevelopment begin again.

To pass the new operating agreement at Students’ Legislative Council, the SU will need change their media bylaw. The bylaw, which currently governs CJSW, will go through two readings, and on the second reading, the operating agreement will pass as well.

CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders is cautiously optimistic things will work out. He hopes the agreement bears the changes CJSW wants and is passed. Currently, the agreement is with the SU’s lawyer. Saunders says if there are changes by the SU, it will be another month before the agreement is looked at because of CJSW’s upcoming funding drive in October.

"With respect to the last time we got the agreement back, it was a major problem," said Saunders. "We like to acknowledge the train has left the station, but we got an agreement that didn’t convey communication."

SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston wants to get the operation agreement done and construction on the new one. But he says agreements have to plan for what-if situations.

"What if something happens like there’s a terrible SU or radio society?" asked Preston. "The agreement ensures the radio station functions on campus and is student friendly. We understand [CJSW] wants ownership but it must be recognized everything in the radio is all the students’."

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