More controlled advertising

By Melissa Mathison

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I thank you for addressing the issue of the offensive text on the button in the ad for the Whiskey, and I am glad that Victor Choy addressed this issue as well. I would also like to comment on the statement issued by Jeff Craig of Toqueboy Studios. It is nice that Toqueboy Studios has such a wonderful business in Calgary, however it would have also been nice if the ad in question was discussed a little more thoroughly, as it was mentioned only in passing.

However, I think there is another issue that needs to be addressed surrounding this ad and others like it. These ads are tacky, sexist and aimed entirely at a heterosexual male audience. I understand that the Gauntlet is not a conservative paper, however I think it would be extremely classy if this kind of advertising did not appear in the Gauntlet in the future, or anywhere else on campus. I am not suggesting the Gauntlet or the university stop accepting advertisements for clubs completely, perhaps text-only ads would be an appropriate compromise, assuming that the text is not of an offensive nature.

For me personally, a cheesy smiley face is not going to make it all better.

This should be assessed more thoroughly as this type of advertising reflects negatively on the clubs themselves, as well as the publications that run them.

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