Women’s Soccer recap

By Russ Dyck

When you go toe-to-toe with one of the best, you usually put up your defense and brace yourself for the blows. The women soccersaurs didn’t cower, taking the University of Alberta Pandas head-on Sat., Oct. 5 and were very close to walking away victorious.

"All in all I thought we were the better team today," Head Coach Robin Slot. "But we just couldn’t put the ball in when the chances were there."

The Pandas only had a handful of chances to score all game and their single goal came late in the first half off one of those chances. The Dinos out-ran, out-shot and overall out-played the Pandas throughout the match, finishing the game down 1-0 to the Pandas.

"We’re going take today’s positives and use them to dominate tomorrow," stated Jessica Horning following the loss.

Horning still had domination of the Huskies on her mind when she started out Sunday’s match with a goal in the first minute of play. Having a point up on the board–breaking their three-game scoreless streak–energized the Dinos all game. Megan Dourado and Kara Sturk both added goals later in the game leaving the Huskies desperate enough to turn on the heat and score a very late goal. This ended the game with the Dinos on top 3-1.

"The line-up we used today was awesome," exclaimed Danielle Harris. "With Megan (Dourado) back in the middle and Kara (Sturk) up, we were able to use the middle which made it so much better."

Thanksgiving weekend (Oct. 11-12) will see the last place University of Regina Cougars in town for games both Saturday and Sunday.

"Regina is an easier team which we should get two wins off of," predicted Renae "Superkid" Hunter. "But we can’t take it lightly."

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