Dumb things people do at U of C

By Adriana Hunstad

After a relatively peaceful summer, September struck the University of Calgary in full force with various thefts and misbehaviors.

An incident involving an elevator occurred in residence. Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz described a group of individuals as being in a “party mood” when 22 students and their guests piled into an elevator. The extra weight stopped and stalled the elevator and a technician was called in, but the students were stuck until he arrived 45 minutes later. In the meantime, Campus Security officers brought a fan and water to help cool down the elevator’s occupants. One individual decided to smoke marijuana while he waited.

Projectors are hot commodities on the black market as they are perfect for home theatres. Countless organizations have been hit by these thefts, including Mount Royal College, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, City Hall, the Foothills Hospital and the U of C. During the first week of September, two culprits were apprehended after $30,000 worth of high-end electronics were removed from a Communications Media equipment depot.

“We had a covert camera installed in the room, so they were caught on camera,” said Fritz.

The break-in was recorded and Campus Security turned the information over to Calgary Police Services, who identified two males. The investigation continues.

In mid-September, a suspicious male was seen wandering in a residence building, possibly looking for objects to steal. He was described as having a long dark ponytail, wearing a baggy jacket and jeans. Campus Security would like to remind students to keep their doors locked at all times.

In the Den, a male was arrested after punching an SU staff member in the face. He was found to have marijuana and two British Columbia drivers licenses, and was turned over to Calgary Police.

Officers were surprised to catch two male students in possession of 31 bottles of liquor stolen from the Den. Fritz revealed officers discovered the theft while on a routine patrol, when they spotted a male drinking from a bottle of Crown Royal with a speed pour. Apparently the individuals entered the Black Lounge after hours in search of lost keys. SU staff left them alone, and the men quickly filled up two backpacks and removed two milk crates filled with bottles. The stolen goods were worth $650. It is believed the students were both first-year students, who received non-academic misconducts.

“Overflow,” considered the largest licensed event on campus since Bermuda Shorts Day, was a success. The event accommodated 3,000 people plus their guests, and suffered no major incidents thanks to the combined efforts of Campus Security, Calgary Police and Students’ Union staff.

The same did not occur at the Godsmack concert, where there were seven reported conflicts varying from fights to inebriated individuals urinating on the Den’s washroom attendant.

“Nine people were banned from university property due to misbehavior,” said Fritz.

Fritz said two females complained of being assaulted while in the Den.

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