A call to arms

By Delaney Hoan

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re.: “Slingshot prank backfires: student suspended,” May 14, 1987,

Firstly, kudos to the University of Calgary for banning water balloons and slingshots. After a student suffered “irreparable eye damage,” the correct steps were taken to halt further mutilation.

However… looking at the hare-brained schemes of today’s university youth, one can’t help but wonder: “Ou est le fun?”

Kicking over garbage cans and vandalizing trees has nothing on urine filled balloons. Nothing.

Neither does riding along in shopping carts, ripping up fuse boxes or kicking dogs.

A memo to U of C folk: use the creativity endowed upon you by your liberal education. Look to the past to discover a truly great future.

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