Report card: Cross-Country

By Dale Miller


Yes, this team is teaming with talent. With six Canada West All-Stars on the roster, they have more than all other Dinos teams combined–not too shabby. Shannon Slater, Heather Sim, Lindsay Winter and Sabrina Harper took the honours for the women; while Nathan Kendrick and Brad Howe stepped up for the men.


The women dropped a bomb at nationals. Ranked sixth in the country coming into the competition, they ended up winning–if that’s not effort, I don’t know what is. Kendrick also captured silver at nationals for the men, with the rest of the team contributing to a respectable eighth-place finish.


Head Coach Doug Lamont was named the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Women’s Cross-Country Coach of the Year–enough said.


The women won the CIS Cross-Country championship giving the University of Calgary its first national title in three years. For this alone, they get top marks. Add Kendrick’s silver to the mix and the 2003 season was a smashing success.

Overall: A

Country: North Korea. They’re small and easily ignored, but piss them off, and they’ll drop a bomb on your ass.