November brings accidents to U of C

By Adriana Hunstad

November seemed to be full of accidents on campus. They ranged from scrapes to broken bones and almost all were sent to hospital.

At the Olympic Oval, a recreational speed skater fell and broke his hip. Another accident occurred in this building, where a 92-year-old woman missed a three-inch drop-off of a platform and fell on her face. Campus Security Officer Matt Firmston said the woman remained in good spirits as she immediately sat up and laughed. Luckily, she only broke her nose and scratched up her face.

In the swimming pool, a male broke his clavicle as he dove off a seven-metre platform. Firmston reports that it was a recurring injury, broken for the third time.

Early one morning, a student fell and hit his head on the sidewalk on his way to class. He experienced a seizure, falling while his hands were stuck in his pockets. He also received a broken nose and lacerations to the face.

During the Simple Plan concert, numerous injuries occurred as a result of the large crowd in the MacEwan Ballroom. As a result, a number of young girls were crushed against the cow gates. Many were treated on scene by the on duty EMT, although a few were sent to the hospital with chest pains and neck injuries.

Aside from the numerous acci- dents on campus, changes are occurring at the university. One deals with unpaid parking tickets. Campus Security Officer Mike Klekta came up with an idea to attract offenders to reduce their parking fines: pre-set vouchers.

Offenders would bring in items, such as used clothing and non-perishable foods. They are assessed and their fines are subsequently reduced. The items would be given to organizations such as the Campus Food Bank, Drop-in Centre, and Children’s Hospital.

"This is just an idea at this point," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz, adding the idea is still in planning stages, and has not been approved.

One family living in student family housing had to briefly evacuate their home. Firmston said the resident was frustrated with his smoke detector going off for no visible reason, so he unplugged it. A strong electrical burning smell soon filled the house, and the Calgary Fire Department attended. The cause was an electrical fault in their washing machine.

A motor vehicle accident, be- tween a Cadillac and a GMC Yukon, occurred in the intersection between Lot 10 and 11, Collegiate Blvd. and Collegiate Rd.

"The driver of the Cadillac ran through the stop sign," said Firmston.

The driver of the Cadillac had to be physically extricated, while voicing concerns the "car was going to explode."

Neither driver appeared to be harmed, although the driver of the Cadillac later complained of chest pains and was sent to the hospital.

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