Assault suspect arrested

By Ben Hoffman

A man has recently been apprehended and charged in connection with incidents that occurred last semester at the University of Calgary.

Lester George, a 32-year-old Calgarian, was taken into police custody Dec. 8 and charged with two counts of unlawful confinement.

George was arrested by Calgary Police Services after Calgary Crime- stoppers received tips from people who saw the composite drawing of the offender which was released to the media shortly after the assaults.

"As soon as [the composite] hit the media we had probably 40 Crimestoppers hits," said CPS Detective Rene Lafreniere. "He tried to change his appearance, but hair only grows so fast."

George’s charges stem from approaching two different women exiting their vehicles in Lot 10 and trying to trap them inside. The incidents both occurred within the span of an hour early on Oct. 25, 2003.

Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz was grateful the Calgary Police concluded the investigation.

"It’s peace of mind there’s not likely a reoccurrence by the individual," said Fritz.

Lafreniere believes potential threats relating to the incidents are gone for the moment.

"He tried to get bail, but it was denied," said Lafreniere. "He’s still in custody."

A similar crime occurred at SAIT shortly after the U of C incidents, but according to Lafreniere, George is not suspected.

George is also being charged for another crime, the death of Richard Bodt Chisholm in an impaired driving incident on the night of Nov. 28, 2003. Three charges are being laid in connection to this incident: impaired driving causing death, driving with over .08 per cent blood alcohol and dangerous driving causing death.

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