Academic integrity

By Demetrios Nicolaides

In order to assist a small committee of faculty members, staff and Students’ Union representatives who are working on developing some resources on academic honesty, we need your feedback. The Academic Integrity Committee is seeking to define what ‘honesty’ means in the academic world and how relevant it is to you, your program and/or your faculty.

The committee has recognized the necessity to develop a centralized area with comprehensive information on academic honesty, which will include information on plagiarism, proper citation methods for all sources including texts, journals and the Internet and the university’s policies regarding cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty.

In order to ensure the information we compile and the resources we develop are what students are looking for, we would much appreciate it if you would take only a few short minutes to answer a small questionnaire the committee has put together. Please find the five questions below or on the SU’s website at Please forward your responses to if your are completing the survey online on the SU’s website or, if you are doing this in paper form, send your responses to Jo Leduc c/o The Office of the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), Administration Building, Room 100.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your taking the time to fill out this survey.

1. What is Academic Honesty/Integrity?

2. Is Academic Honesty Important? Why/Why Not?

3. How does Academic Honesty/Integrity apply to your faculty or program?

4. Where did you learn how to appropriately reference or footnote, if you did?

5. What resources would you/could you use to provide you with information on Academic Honesty, footnoting, references, etc.? (Please check all that apply)

Web Sites: ___

Effective Writing Centre: ___

In-class Information: ___

Friend/Other Students: ___ University Calendar: ___

Other? (Please Specify) ___

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