Finally, Canadian history in one delicious hour

By Leah Sasges

Think back. Do you remember anything on Canadian history from grade school social class? Me neither. Anything I ever learned about our history was from CBC’s beloved “Heritage Moments,” and even then I didn’t really pay much attention as it was just another commercial interrupting Degrassi Junior High.

Enter Monster Theatre’s The Canada Show, currently running at the Lunchbox Theatre. It began as a family show at Shakespeare in the Park, receiving rave reviews both there and at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe festivals. The show won the Just For Laughs Frankie Award for Best Comedy and is now being adapted to a CBC comedy special. Written by Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak, the production crams our entire history into less than an hour, a feat no American could ever accomplish. Ever been to the United States pavilion at Epcot? Looooong live America.

The Canada Show is a satirical view of the past couple hundred years, making fun of the French, English and First Nations people–but mostly the French. It features three guys playing themselves. Acting, singing and interpretive dancing significant moments in our history, from when the first settlers stepped off the boat to today. It highlights our prime ministers alongside, and equally important as, Shania Twain and Pamela Anderson.

Although these three West Coast guys shamelessly mock our heritage, the audience will walk away with more Canadian history than they bargained for–and you get a free flag. Get a little patriotic, buy some poutine and go see what the Lunchbox has to offer.


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