Transit fun

By Simon Sharpe

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Transit changes during exam time,” Dec. 4, 2003,

In 2002, University of Calgary students voted in favour of a compulsory U-Pass proposal.

This meant all students would pay a $50 per term transit fee and were entitled to ride Calgary Transit, whether they chose to use transit or not. This proposal was intended to encourage the use of transit and make it less expensive for those who needed the service.

With the northwest LRT changes, Calgary Transit took the following routes away from U of C: 37, 43, 137, 143, 77 and 177. Any way you figure it, six routes is a huge drop in service. A cynical person might conclude that, with U of C students a “captive market,” Calgary Transit is now unconcerned about the level of service they provide.

Calgary Transit Communications Coordinator Ron Collins told the Gauntlet, “it will be good for the University of Calgary, and it will cut down on travel time, with additional trains.”

Thanks Ron, I think we can figure out for ourselves what is good for us.

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