There’s a doings transpiring! A Happening!

By Ashley Martin

So another winter semester is in full swing, the add/drop date is drawing closer and students find themselves in a pensive mood. January is a time for reflection, a time for answering some of life’s more challenging questions. “Should I change faculties?” “Will I get my credit card bill under control?” “What the hell has the music department been up to lately?”

If that last one wasn’t on the front burner for some of you, it darn well should have been! The University of Calgary music department has been very busy lately, preparing for their upcoming new music festival, Happening, which runs Jan. 26 to 30 at various venues on campus. The event is presented in part by New Works Calgary, and Professor David Eagle, one of the event’s organizers, promises an engaging event, even if you can’t tell the difference between bass and treble clef.

The event will showcase the talent of U of C music students and faculty, both as performers and composers at several different scheduled events throughout the week.

Also on the slate is the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and contemporary theatre group Das Chicas, who will be working and performing with the U of C ensembles. Aspiring composers have the chance to hear their own pieces played by the CPO in open workshop settings and one lucky student will have their piece played at the cabaret on Friday night in front of a live audience.

"This is a great opportunity for students to perform in an exciting atmosphere and work with some great professionals," explains Eagle.

If classic orchestral music is not really your thing, you’re still in luck. The focus of the festival is new music.

"We’re creating new concepts with these pieces and giving the old traditions a twist," explains Eagle.

This is particularly true of the electro-acoustic performance. Different electronic media are used for this piece and then played in surround sound.

"It’s a very physical experience," says Eagle.

Although all the events are worth attending, there are some in particular that students won’t want to miss.

"Try to make it to one of the daytime or evening performances, Monday through Thursday because they are free to students," emphasizes Eagle.

The festival’s grand finale takes place Friday night featuring the CPO. It will be an intimate setting with tables for groups where you can sit with your friends, have a few drinks and listen to some great music.

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