Dave Quanbury

The title of Dave Quanbury’s album is appropriate for the obvious reason that it’s anything but vacant. No Vacancy is a conceptual album of sorts, the songs are the songs of a man in constant motion, searching for love but rarely finding a place to hang his hat.

Quanbury, a well-respected musician in the esteemed Winnipeg music scene, has a voice a million Canadian Idol contests could never unearth. Cutting across genres, through alt country, blues, folk and the slightest flavour of reggae, Quanbury’s songs are vivid snapshots of love on the prairies. Some sweet, some bitter. Although the lyrics are at times predictable, Quanbury’s voice hoists No Vacancy well above mediocre.

With a smooth bass line and a bluesy tempo, "Honest Man" is one of the album’s best tracks. The distorted microphone in the first half of the song yields to a more refined and mature voice that runs love off the front porch and up a tree like a prairie raccoon.

"Oh love bark up another tree/If you’re looking for a guy who’s going to give it a try then you’re wasting your time with me."

"Honest Man" is followed by another worthwhile track, "The Critic," using a reggae flavour to showcase Quanbury’s intense vocal talents and skillful songwriting.

There is no doubt Quanbury is wearing his heart on his sleeve with No Vacancy, and anyone who appreciates honest music should try and get themselves a piece, there is certainly enough to go around.

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