Attention: cheap thrills in the Rocky Mountains

Hopefully, some lucky students were able to pry themselves away from books and computers last weekend and get out into the Rockies. In addition to a few rowdy beer nights, a deserted bar and a whole lot of beef jerky, the snow conditions were some of the season’s best.

Fortress was a balmy-10 Fri., Jan. 30 with about two-and-a-half feet of fresh. Not only was the snow absolutely heinous, but there were less than 100 people riding the lifts. The whole mountain was fair game for freshies up until 4 p.m.

The conditions were just as good at Lake Louise Sat., Jan. 31 where Resorts of the Canadian Rockies hosted a snowboard cross. With fast-depleting snowy goodness, the trees were the place to be in between heats.

RCR also hosted a halfpipe competition Sun., Feb. 1. Without a cloud in the sky, it was clearly a perfect day for hiking pipe, working on a goggle tan or going off on the park. If you haven’t yet ventured far enough west to experience the phenomenal Lake Louise park, now is the time!

Next weekend the excitement is happening at Rabbit Hill in Edmonton with the Forum Youngblood. To keep up with competition dates, check out


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