Close, but no cigar

By Sean Nyilassy and Lee Bogle

A split weekend versus the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Feb. 13-14 left the University of Calgary women’s basketball team in the soundly in the final playoff spot in the highly competitive Canada West conference.

Unfortunately though, the Dinos play-offed themselves into the lair of Canada’s top ranked team, the University of Regina Cougars, Feb. 21-22.

While holding the nation’s top team to only 52 points is admirable, the Dinos were only able to scrounge a junior high worthy 37 points. Shari Jonker was the Dinos’ major contributor with 11 points at game’s end.

If the loss wasn’t painful enough, Tanya Hautula–the third leading scorer in Canada West and the biggest trash talker in the game–badly twisted her ankle, rendering herself useless.

“Not having Hautala certainly has a big affect on both ends,” lamented Head Coach Shawnee Harle.

“It wasn’t a lack of effort,” agreed Jonker. “It would have helped to have our key players.”

But fret not! The Vatican and the Dalai Lama have been contacted and their prayers are with our wee injured soul.

On the weekend however, religion proved immaterial and our donations were for naught as no overnight ankle miracle occurred. Ergo, science is our new lord and master.

Saturday night shamefully provided more of the same. The Cougars pounded the Dinos 64-46. Jonker, Lindsay Maundrell and Michelle Stiphout limped away with 10 points each.

“Our defence was as good as it was all year,” commented Harle. “But we couldn’t muster enough points on offence to keep close.”

For her excellent competitive skills exhibited this season, Maundrell has been named a Canada West Second Team All Star. She finished the season 12th in scoring, 16th in rebounds, ninth in assists, sixth in steals and 15th in blocked shots in the conference.

Thus concludes the Dinos’ season. To finish off our last story, nothing would be more fitting than a poetic masterpiece forged in heaven and delivered to us by the fire in our bellies that is TNT.

Excellence on the Horizon

They were so young,

They were so fresh,

But they were damned

By their weak flesh.

Foltinek was good,

She inspired glee,

But she was screwed

By her right knee.

The Dinos slid,

But not for long,

Even on their ass,

They still fought strong.

Off to playoffs they went,

Facing the nation’s number one.

They were in deep shit,

Now their season’s done.

Many players began to shine,

By the end of next year,

They’ll bring the fury of hell,

While others shed a single tear.


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