Nursing dean soon?

By Asma Aejaz

The Faculty of Nursing is in its final stages of finding a dean after three years without one.

“The faculty is eager to have a stable, continuing leadership” stated Dr. Ron Bond, University of Calgary Vice-President Academic and Advisory Selection Committee Chair.

He pointed out it has taken the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta and other institutions several years to complete this task.

“It’s a tough assignment for the faculty, the university and the advisory selection committee,” he added.

In addition, Acting Dean Dr. Marlene Reimer stressed the supply of potential deans for nursing faculties is very small because many nurses earn their PhDs in their mid-40s and thereafter are more inclined to pursue research rather than administrative positions.

Dr. Barbara Kisilevsky, a professor at Queen’s University, Dr.Anne Snowdon, an associate professor at the University of Windsor and Dr. Michael Clinton, a professor and the head of Public Health at the Curtin University of Technology, are the three potential candidates.

These candidates have been invited to Calgary to be interviewed, followed by a public presentation by each candidate.

Dr. Reimer described her experience as the acting dean as very positive and stated the faculty is looking forward to to having a new dean.

“There’s a fair amount of impatience, excitement and anticipation,” said Dr. Bond. “Acting deans who have served the faculty during this time have done a very good job.”

There have been a series of interim deans since Dr. Deborah L. Tamlyn left in June 2002.


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