Depression feature elevates Gauntlet

By Matt Vines

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Quiet Desperation,” Mar. 4, 2004.

With this extremely well-written article, the Gauntlet has elevated itself to a whole new level in the minds of its readership. Though many Canadians have or will suffer from depression, the issue is rarely, if ever, brought up–especially in the media. Your paper has done much to change that by taking a proactive stand in breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding.

“Quiet Desperation” will undoubtedly encourage many of those that need help to seek possible life-saving treatment. Even more than that, it will educate all those that don’t currently suffer, so that they are prepared when somebody close to them, maybe even themselves, is afflicted.

Thank you for using the power of the Gauntlet to benefit students in deeper ways than just a quick laugh between classes.

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