Men’s Volleyball

By Chris Johns

With the exception of Sean Kendal, this team lacks the elite talent required
to be a contender in national competition. With the departure of key players last
year, the team is relatively new and inexperienced. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re
a solid team, they just didn’t possess enough extra pizzazz.


Trust within the team was the big issue this year. Ryan was certainly frustrated
by this, but never managed to solve it. Hopefully he can find a way to turn this
into a tight-knit squad next year.


The Trinity Western University proved to be the Dinos’ bane for the 2003-04
season: they trounced them at Dino Cup at the beginning of the season, and they
knocked them out of playoff contention at the end. Hopefully next year the tables
will turn, and it’ll be a developmental year for the Spartans.

Overall: C

China. A developing nation with developed nation status.