Women’s Volleyball

By Kris Kotarski

The quality and quantity of both the depth and elite talent on this squad
are a testament to Kevin Boyles and the program he has built. With BLG Award nominee
Joanna Niemczewska leading the way, the Dinos had multiple threats at every position
all season long.

The fact that Kevin Boyles has yet to win CIS Women’s Volleyball Coach of
the Year award is a travesty. Oh well, Laurie Eisler can keep her personal accolades–Boyles
is happy with his championship ring.

You can’t do much better than winning it all. Well, I guess having both
the national tournament MVP and the CIS Player of the Year is nice. The icing
on the cake? Offing their arch-rivals, the University of Alberta Pandas, in the
title match.

Overall: A+
(The + is for beating the Pandas)

Country: Brazil, an unparalleled volleyball powerhouse. Not only that,
they have a ton of fun dominating and look great doing it.