The price of winning

By Lori McIntosh

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I live on 5 street SW and have enjoyed the joy of winning in the playoff hockey games.

I don’t mind the noise and the celebrations after a win.

I did however mind when my husband’s vehicle was trashed in the early morning of Sunday, May 30 by a mindless individual who jumped on the hood of the car and then on the roof leaving in- dentations, an individual who also ripped off the passenger side mirror.

I really mind the attitude of the female officer who took our call when we called the Calgary police to report the damage, who later informed us that nothing could be done for a week! One week later, maybe an officer would come out and look at not only our vehicle, but the six other vehicles that were damaged. Talk about service from the police.

They certainly do not mind writing tickets for speeding, going through amber lights, etc., but when we need assistance, Forget it.

This is not acceptable as a tax paying Calgarian.

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