Film review: Eating Out

By Stephanie Shewchuk

How far would you go to attract the attention of the girl of your dreams? Would you pretend to be gay and date her gay best friend in order to get closer to her? This scenario unfolds in director Q. Allan Brocka’s Eating Out.

Caleb (Scott Lunsford), a red-blooded heterosexual male, possesses an insatiable attraction for Gwen (Emily Stiles), whose gay roommate Marc, (Ryan Carnes) is interested in none other than Caleb. Caleb’s gay roommate Kyle (Jim Verraros) is fascinated with Marc, who wants nothing to do with him.

Kyle convinces Caleb that by pretending to be gay, the typically aggressive and mistrusting Gwen will open up to him. This gives Kyle the perfect opportunity to console the newly single Marc.

Caleb must decide how far he is willing to go with Marc to make Marc and Gwen believe he’s actually gay. The debauchery culminates in a raunchy phone conversation between Gwen and Caleb while Caleb is on a date with Marc. Eating Out deserves to be seen just for this show-stopping scene, the highlight of the film. The quick and witty banter between characters and the countless gay puns also make the movie an enjoyable view.

Although with its unorthodox circumstances, Eating Out has universal appeal in its exploration of the quirky sexual encounters that happen to everyone, gay or straight.

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