Angst & Werewolves

By Hoang-Mai Hong

In the works since 1997, Blood and Chocolate–a movie based on the popular teen novel by Annette Curtis Clause–is finally coming to the screen. Gauging from the complaints its rabid, pseudo-Anne Rice groupies have been spewing all over the Internet Movie Database, the already difficult process of adapting popular fiction to film has become even… Continue reading Angst & Werewolves

“Mosaic” not quite the sum of its parts

By Kevin DeVlaming

Comic book fans considering renting Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic, a straight-to-DVD animated movie from Lee’s own Pow! Entertainment, have an important question to ask themselves: would they be willing to rent a movie titled, Stan Lee Presents: Festering Crap? Or, perhaps, Stan Lee Presents: A Waste of 72 Minutes? Mosaic proves that just because Stan… Continue reading “Mosaic” not quite the sum of its parts

Top 5 films of 2006

By Kyle Francis

5- Mission Impossible III Though it suffered from some poor audience reception due to its “Tom Cruise is a nutjob” factor, the JJ Abrams directed spy-thriller is still easily the best of the series. Trumping even Casino Royale in sheer fun factor, MI:III suffered from none of the pacing problems plaguing its thematic cousin. With… Continue reading Top 5 films of 2006

Film Review: Babel

By Asia Walker

Brad Pitt, intimate relationships and a lack of communication. While the list bears similarities to Pitt’s marital life, they’re also all featured in the early Oscar-contender, Babel. At first, the premise comes across as a replica of last years’ Oscar sweeper Crash, but it has enough unique elements to be its own story. Though the… Continue reading Film Review: Babel

Movie review: Borat lands in North America

By Paul Jarvey

Every so often a film staggers out of that horrid, fleshy place good comedies come from willing to make any sacrifice for some hardcore laughs, ready to be banned and burned if it means making a fool of some unsuspecting pussy-magnet-driving, homophobic, celebrity-worshiping Americans. The film is a mockumentary starring Borat, a fictional character from… Continue reading Movie review: Borat lands in North America

Film Review: God save the Queen

By Kenzie Love

Elizabeth II has the peculiar distinction of being one of the world’s most famous, yet least-known people, and is therefore both a perfect and very difficult subject for a biographical drama. Difficult because those involved have very little to base their work on; perfect because few people will be able to point out inaccuracies in… Continue reading Film Review: God save the Queen

Chainsaws, Blood, and Gore

By Jon Roe

Buzzzzrrt-a-rama-rama-rama! “AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAARRRRrrgh!” Ah, the scintillating sounds of October and the horror-movie push. Leading off the scary season is Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Leatherface is back and this time, it’s personal. Or something. In reality, Leatherface is less “back” and more “still around” in The Beginning, a prequel to 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was… Continue reading Chainsaws, Blood, and Gore

A golden trailer park

By Christian Louden

Mike Clattenburg’s come a long way from getting drunk in a trailer park and filming a mockumentary TV show based on outrageous characters with no real goals in life aside from getting drunk and smoking weed. Well, at least ostensibly. The Trailer Park Boys are heading to the big screen in Trailer Park Boys: The… Continue reading A golden trailer park

Movie Review: Trailer Park Boys movie expletively awesome

By Christian Louden

The Trailer Park Boys’ popularity has been an epidemic, spreading from one person to the next, putting the avian flu to shame. With the upcoming release of Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, there’s no doubt that millions more will be infected. The movie, much like the series, follows the lives of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles… Continue reading Movie Review: Trailer Park Boys movie expletively awesome