Cell free campus: a better initiative

By Nikhil Joshi


Except it’s not a ring, it’s a treble sound that is whiny in pitch, and is supposed to Mozart, but God knows if Mozart heard his music butchered like that, he’d roll a 720 in his grave.

You can’t sit in class for one hour without a cellphone screwing up the lecture and pissing off the prof. And I certainly do not blame the profs. If someone lacked the respect to turn the phone off before I gave a lecture, I’d sooner spit in their shoes than teach quantum mechanics.

Isn’t it interesting how we persecute smokers who basically harm themselves, rather then cellphone and technology addicts who anger the rest of us? The whiff of a cigarette you get out of Mac Hall isn’t second hand smoke. At The Den maybe, but even then your pushing it.

This is almost benign compared to those lunatics who spoil lectures and have one-sided conversations in the library. There really is no need to carry a cellphone at 9 a.m., but of course someone’s going to call, and we all know it’s your over protective psycho boyfriend or your mother who needs to let go. It’s not a life or death situation, leave it at home.

If I have a choice between sniffing some tobacco or hearing to you ramble, I’ll choose the tobacco. So let’s try for a cell-free campus shall we? Cell free till 7 p.m., and you can’t talk within 6 metres of a public place or class? That’s an initiative worth supporting.


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