Muslims were in school, too

By Ruslan Alizadeh

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Terror’s in the name,” September 9, 2004

The population of Beslan is mostly Muslim in its origin so many children in the school were Muslims. The Russian media tried to hide this important fact. This isn’t a question of Islam because Chechenians as well as other Muslim ethnic groups who live in the south part of Russia struggle against Russian rule.

For information I may note the population of Beslan belongs to Osetine Muslim ethnic group, and this ethnic group is a part of Indo-Iranian People. As well as there are several Turkic Muslim ethnic groups and Chechenian and Ingush ethnic groups.

Caucauses is like a cake with many ethnic groups including christhian origin Georgians, Armenians and Muslim origin Azeris, Chechenians, Osetins, etc.

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