Allan Foster

1) By investing in our citizens, over time, we will get a happier, healthier, more productive society. Government spending is out of control at all levels. The focus should shift back to the people.

2) Public transit has an important role in decreasing traffic volume in our city. It needs to be a more efficient way to get to where you’re going. You can’t just keep throwing money at a system that doesn’t work.

Better driver education, leaving yourself some extra time for your commute and showing compassion for other drivers are inexpensive ways we, as citizens, could reduce the problems seen on our roadways. Calgary’s roads are only busy during peak hours. Is it worth hundreds of millions of dollars to get to work a few minutes earlier? Think about it.

3) Art is maybe the most important way of getting to know each other. It is a healthy way of expressing creativity in many different forms. A warm welcome to all involved.

4) Reducing pollution. Sacrificing the health and welfare of our children and grandchildren to make a quick buck should no longer be an option.

5) Generations before us have made progress in many areas without thinking about the consequences of their actions. We need a few generations of thinkers. The government needs to re-invest in the people of this country.

6)Look into creating a program that refines our landfills. This would create jobs in our city and and streamline waste management. Clean up our water ways.

7)Affordable housing is a complex situation, but building communities of cheap, wooden structure, condos is not the answer.


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