Mychael Pal

1) Two key ingredients, which are nowhere to be found in the decision making process in the Mayor’s Office today: access and participation.

2) While the city continues to grow, investment levels must not only keep up with development, but also make up for the last ten years of neglect, nine of which Bronconnier is directly responsible for.

How can we do it? I think we should start by rejecting the cities outdated transportation plan. The ridiculous assumptions made in the 1995 “Go Plan” are skewing our ability to meet our transportation needs today, and we need a plan that has specific time lines so in three years, and in six years from now we can measure how far we have come. Most importantly we need a plan that places an emphasis on public input.

3) I support policies, programs and practices that enhance the ability of individuals and communities of all origins to contribute to the evolution of Calgary’s cultural and artistic community.

4) Funding is the most important issue for all municipalities to lobby at the provincial and national levels.

5) Calgary’s ongoing prosperity and quality of life depends on the development of young people’s ability to share their skills and enthusiasm with the community. I see universities as extremely important to the future of the city, province, and country.

6) Calgarians have identified two specific areas of the environment they feel the mayor has not addressed appropriately in the last three years–water and waste management.

7) The cause of problems of this nature is the city’s economy. I have a clear set of economic priorities, the first of which is ensuring new jobs in the city.