Greg Lang

1) My campaign slogan is “Calgary needs a social agenda, not just a business one.” More attention to affordable housing is a student concern that I would address.

2) I would like to see more public transit more often, and longer. Extend LRT lines and increase LRT cars.

Complete existing and new roads and necessary interchanges. Tie in construction of new roads, and lane widening of old roads, to the mandate of developing specified portions of communities as high density housing.

3) Develop a more comprehensive and complete civic arts policy. Pay more civic attention to independent arts groups. Help house these groups in a greater community of civic arts districts, which should be developed in policy and promotion.

4) Adequate funding for adequate affordable housing; adequate funding for post-secondary institutions, and and formation of an independent police oversight body with representation from ordinary citizens.

5) Reaffirm commitment to educate youth as well-rounded individuals, not just readying them for the marketplace; recognize the role of post-secondary students as youth who can participate as citizens.

6) Get going on developing a proper curbside pick-up recycling program; reexamine the flouride issue by forming a civic commission to research studies about it; stricter pesticide policies inside Calgary.

7) Grossly inadequate in current supply, and concurrently in scope of programs meant to “address” it.


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