Antoni Crochowski

1) I feel I’m the most attractive candidate the the student community. I would focus on making Calgary a more cosmopolitan city with a greater focus on the arts.

2) I plan to expand current transit lines beyond the city limits and to outlying areas such as Airdrie and even Edmonton. It could be faster and more efficient, perhaps by the instillation of a monorail or a bullet train as in Japan, or a city to city system similar to the one in Europe. Remember, “only third world countries rely only on privately owned cars.”

3) Culture is very important, especially in a city which has become so preoccupied with business. We must increase municipal funding for the arts, especially the performing arts.

4) At a provincial level, the issues of homelessness and unemployment. At the federal level, Federal, the issue of the safety of Calgarians.

5) The government does not take enough advantage of the expertise present in both professors and students at the university.

6) Energy waste is the main concern of mine. There is so much waste here! We should use tax dollars for the implementation of more earth•friendly forms of energy like wind power, hydroelectric, and solar power.

7) Cheaper but still quality apartments are needed. We have to change the whole idea and regulation behind affordable housing