Music Preview: Raising Calgary’s hip-hop scene

By Emily Baum

To the people out there complaining about the lack of good music in Calgary, pay attention. Bringing mad beats and smooth flow, Rebirth ’04 promises to be one of the hottest showcases of Calgary’s urban talent to be produced yet, motivating y’all to get asses out of your recliners. The brainchild of long time friends and collaborators Baby J and Noel Osborne, in co-operation with O-Entertainment Group, brings urban music to the citizens of Calgary. The Gauntlet caught up with Baby J and Noel at Cafe Mediterranean, the shisha house haven, and got on the level with what Rebirth ’04 is all about.

“Basically we want to create a platform for people to see some of the hottest local urban artists of Calgary,” Baby J summing up the motivation behind Rebirth ’04. Noel Osborne agrees with his friend and adds, “Toronto has a strong urban scene. Vancouver has a strong urban scene. We want to build up that scene here in Calgary, because these great acts need to be seen.”

Noel Osborne and Baby J wants to spread their good fortune, both artists have albums coming out in the new year. Osbornes’ has his soul jam My Heart, Her World and Baby J will release his funk heavy Euphoria in which he produces and plays all the instruments. Both albums will be distributed by the O-Entertainment Group label.

Not only will mad emcees drop madder rhymes, but Rebirth ’04 will be an all encompassing urban show, starting with a winter fashion preview from 100% Legit. After the latest fashions have been revealed, acts steeped in every facet of the urban movement including reggae, hip hop, funk and RB will bring it. Baby J is set to headline the event and joining him on stage will be Black Rose, Bubba B, Vex Cobo, and Noel Osborne, all groovin’ to a live band. As well, Carl Cress of Organic Sound, the engineer for Baby J’s album, will be on location to consult with up-and-coming fresh talent. If there are any aspiring emcees out there, swing down to fill out an application and remember to bring along your demo tape.

This show promises to have mass appeal. Baby J puts it best, saying, “This show has something for everybody, it’s about a positive experience. We’re here doing what we know–this isn’t any hardcore fabricated bullshit.”

Osborne interjects, “This show is all about people who love the music, actually hearing the music. What we want to do from the business end of things is to allow the fans access to the music, to eventually produce albums not CDS. We’re looking to create a movement.”

For the founders of Rebirth ’04 the emphasis isn’t only on the music. Osborne continues to elaborate on the guiding light behind the event, “It’s about building unity, a collective, opening up the Calgary urban industry to some much deserved attention.”

Rebirth ’04 is a must see show of urban talent, featuring sick beats, hot entertainers, and something to please everyone.


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