NUTV not neccessary

By Kelsey Thompson

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I was unaware that students give NUTV approximately $200,000 a year, now that I know that, I am concerned with the quality of programming I see on the TVs in the food court. Nothing on those screens from the artistic dancer by the river, to the blurry photographs of the Gauntlet, to the clay figures that magically move, is even remotely interesting–in fact it is embarrassing. Why doesn’t NUTV fill those screens with content that is relevant to students? Patti Dawkins seems to think the NUTV is the greatest thing since bottled beer, but that is likely because she is an active part of NUTV. Given that NUTV is funded by students, they should make a better effort at being relevant and interesting students. It’s a good thing Maclean’s doesn’t consider this in their ranking or we would probably drop even further (like that’s possible).

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