SU’s SUSHIndings sushi-less

By Josh LaVoie

The space has seen many uses throughout the years, ranging from a comic store, to the Students’ Union’s Tuition Hut last year. Located in the north-east corner of the MacEwan Student Centre food court, the spot was in need of a new purpose and is now occupied by SUSHIndigs.

‘SUSHIndigs is intended to provide a less formal face to the SU, making it easier for students to ask questions. The new venue will have a commissioner on hand to deal with any concerns that students might have about what the SU offers, or even general questions, like those relating to operations.

“Students may be interested to know that the SU is running an $11 million budget that is only 13-15 per cent based on student revenues,” Bosch indicated. “We’re in the top five SUs in the country in terms of services and dollar value.”

In addition to serving as a one stop shop for information, SUSHIndigs will be used to promote upcoming events. This will be achieved through a posting of the SU calendar and slight transformations of the space for things like the upcoming Political Action Week.

“We will use SUSHIndigs as a supplement to other activities” said Bosch. “We will post party platforms, we’ll have election platforms handy, and we’ll try to make sure people know how to vote.”

As an added bonus, there is currently a popcorn machine serving free popcorn to visitors. Unfortunately though, the SU is not getting into the sushi business.

“No sushi,” stated Bosch. “People still come in and ask when the sushi restaurant is opening.”

SUSHIndigs is open now on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.


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