Crusty news briefs

By Dale Miller

Christmas Carol Composition

William Jordan, a University of Calgary music professor, will be presenting a concert of his new Christmas compositions entitled “Prince of Peace.”

The music consists of 14 traditional carol texts dating from before the modern age of Santa Claus and consumerism, with many compositions having more somber themes, like the crucifixion and death of Jesus.

Conducting the concert is Janet Youngdahl, a music history teacher at the U of C. The concert will also feature the Spiritus Chamber Choir and organist Chellan Hoffman.

The event takes place Fri., Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. and costs $20. Tickets can be found at the Campus Ticket Office.

Bringin’ it to the Hill

Students’ Union President Bryan West and Vice-President External Mike Bosch traveled to Ottawa last week to participate in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations’ Lobby Conference.

Representatives from universities across Canada arranged over 160 meetings with delegates and parliamentarians, causing quite a stir on Parliament Hill. The primary policy points for the conference were a dedicated transfer to post-secondary education, a national PSE accord, GST-free textbooks and low-income grants.

To boost media attention for the conference, CASA members created a 120-foot long “Wall of Debt” out of red post cards. Fortunately, it didn’t melt like last years attempt.

Chair program pulls talent to Alberta

The Canada Research Chairs program is busy attracting talented researchers to Canadian schools, placing Canada firmly on track to become one of the world’s top five countries for research and design.

The U of C ranks seventh in Canada for the number of Canada Research Chairs it will receive with 76 new chairs. Recently the federal government awarded the U of C $9.4 million to recruit and retain eight top researchers who will take up teaching and mentoring positions at the university.

The eight new research chairs are: Dr. Nancy Arthur, Dr. Viola Birss, Dr. Susanne Carroll, Dr. Jeffrey Dunn, Dr. Fadhel Ghannouchi, Dr. Richard Hawkins, Dr. David Schriemer, and Dr. Scott Tayor.

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