Spun: Ja Rule

By Shannon McCabe

What happens when you’ve been teased constantly by 2003’s biggest rapper, 50 Cent? Apparently, releasing a record whining about how much you’ve been badgered and sold close to zero copies because no one cares. Ja Rule releases R.U.L.E., less than a year after his last poorly received album to moan about the same old thing over the same old beats.

Not that Ja Rule whines only about his beef with 50 Cent. He whines about getting his freak on in the backseat of a Yukon and puts a picture of himself looking extremely whiny on the cover. Don’t get it twisted–Ja Rule rang in a new wave of hip hop with his ever famous collaborations with J.Lo and Ashanti way back when, creating some of the catchiest songs of the year. But that was years ago, and now he relies on that old workhorse three years later, leading to R.U.L.E.’s only bright spot, “Wonderful” featuring Ashanti and R.Kelly. It’s sad, really.

The whining on the album is overwhelming, as emphasized by how many times it’s mentioned in this review. Ja needs to take some time to go pout some more in the corner and come back when he thinks about what he has done.

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